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TOMMY's Vlog is Moving... (0)

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Moving dayImage by GeekMom Heather via Flickr
Okay Cats...

Tommylog has a new home...

Please point your browsers here..

pardon the dust...

See you there...


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TommyLog 8-18 Do what you say (0)

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Tommy talks about last evenings drive to the kids house. He also opines about Bret Farve and his stupid on again off again retirement and his pending move to the Minnesota Vikings. Sigh. What a poor example. 

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TommyLog - Motherhood (0)

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Tommy talks today about the importance of honoring and loving your mothers. Motherhood is one of the highest callings in life and taking care of your moms vitally important. 

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TommyLog 8 14 - Friday Frollic (0)

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Tommy talks to his kids about Madeline being in a JV golf tournament. Lots happening with Tommy and his new best friend Lisa @RedShoesPR. Fast and furious and so organic.

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tommylog 8/13 - Great new Friends (0)

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Tommy talks about the happenings of the past day and the amazing new friends he met in Green Bay for the Be a Social Media Rock Star Event. What an amazing experience.

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TommyLog Aug 12 - Special welcome!! (0)

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Tommy & Emma talk about the days events. A trip the park, some digging and drumming as well as a visit from a very special guest!!

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TommyLog Aug 11 - Sneak Attack (0)

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Tommy places a secret camera to get some good footage of Tommy III at dinner. Drew and Emma make special guest appearances.

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