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TommyLog 3-31-09 (0)

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Just another rainy day at the office...

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TommyLog 3-30-09 (0)

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First Tommylog done in my office. I'm having so much fun with this kids, I hope you enjoy this as well. I love you all

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Tommylog Saturday March 28th, 2009 (0)

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Snow, Snow, Snow...

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Tommylog March 27, 2009 (0)

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Today was a long drive back from Chicago after the last few days in St Charles, but I'm home safe and sound. I love you all. Rock on Clifford Kids...

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Tommylog March 26, 2009 (0)

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Today was a long hard day at the plant in St Charles. I need a nap.

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New video Log series "TommyLog" 03-25-09 1

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I'm starting something new that I hope I can keep up. i want to start a daily video log of my "whats happening"... Mostly to share with my kids for future generations. Kinda fun idea.. we shall see how it goes. Comments are always welcome. Short and sweet.

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