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TommyLog - Giving Thanks 1

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TommyLog - All About Relationships (2)

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Sad day in twitterland. A twitter friend Meg Porter, @megapixel on twitter, passed away last week. Tommy reflects on relationships. Remember kids, its all about the relationships...

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Sad day In Twitterland (4)

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Boy there has been a lot of talk about death this past week with Ed, Farrah, MJ and now Billy Mays passing on. well today it hit a bit closer to home...

A friend from twitter, Megan Porter, aka @megapixel was killed in a car crash near her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, she was just 24 years old.

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Here's a pic she uploaded a few months ago. She was always sharing the love. Notice #3 on her listing...yes that me...Certainly we never met, but that's the beauty of twitter... you didn't have to. You can be friends from hundreds, even thousands of miles away. Notice I'm not the only person on this listing. there were others. WOW... pretty amazing that someone so far away, can influence. This is the power of twitter. 100%

My prayers go out to your family & friends Meg, You will be missed. Peace be with you...till we meet again!

- tommy

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Tommylog 6-25 (0)

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Emma joins Tommy for his daily Tommylog.

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Tommylog - Baby Drew (0)

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TommyLog - 6/23 (0)

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TommyLog - Father's Day 2009 (0)

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Everyday is great, Father's Day--- AWESOME!!!!

See for yourself...

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TommyLog - Bergstrom Exotic Car Show (0)

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Over the weekend, I went to a Car show hosted at bBrgstrom's on Victory lane--were the proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Loads of fun exotic cars that you can only see in car magazines. A quick tour of what was in store..

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TommyLog - Camping (0)

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Tommy and I went to Fallen Timbers for the Father and Son's camp-out.

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TommyLog - Drew meets RedShoesPR (0)

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Took baby Drew and Emma to meet the RedShoes PR ladies and what a blast we had. Food, fun and a few gifts. Please kids, make sure to Pay Attention!!!

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TommyLog 6-17-09 (0)

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Tommy & Bruce (0)

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Continuing our theme of first jobs, Tommy talks to Bruce about his first job. You might be surprised as to his answer.

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TommyLog - June 15, 2009 (0)

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TommyLog 6-11-09 (0)

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TommyLog - 6/10 - Thank You 1

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Tommy discusses the need to be thankful in everything you do. Saying a simple thank you and taking care of those who take care of you... goes far.

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TommyLog - Hey Kev, Whats your 1st Job? (0)

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Tommy & special guest Kevin talk about his first job.

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TommyLog June 8, 2009 (0)

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Little Chute Middle School Class 2009 Graduation (0)

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WOW..what a weekend. here are a few clips from the festivities. Madeline's graduation, the Class of 2009 singing Come Sail Away and of course, Cheese fest Parade

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TommyLog - June 4, 2009 (0)

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TommyLog - June 3, 2009 (0)

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TommyLog June 2, 2009 - What a weekend (0)

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